Costly new stormwater mandates on the horizon

On Thursday, May 21st from 3-5pm at Glendora City Hall, the City Council will hold a Special Meeting to hear a presentation about the proposed new treatment requirements for stormwater being required of all cities within Los Angeles County.

This Special Meeting is open to the public. I urge you to attend as this matter could have a painful impact on your pocketbook. The estimated “worst case scenario” cost for Glendora, over the next 10 years, is $95 million!

Here is some background information about stormwater and why it is going to cost so much to manage in coming years:

A little over two years ago, the Los Angeles County Regional Water Quality Control Board, issued new, extremely stringent permit requirements for municipalities, including Glendora. Referred to as the MS4, or the Stormwater permit, it requires that water runoff from rain must either remain in our city or, if it leaves via the storm drains, it must not exceed stringent pollutant requirements.

The MS4 permit presents major challenges for our city, requiring extensive testing and mitigation of our water control measures. By the end of this fiscal year, Glendora is expected to have spent close to $600,000 to develop a plan for complying with the requirements of this permit and to begin our monitoring program.

Our city is mandated by the state and federal governments to comply with the MS4 permit but neither are providing funding.  How will Glendora, along with other municipalities in LA County who face similar extraordinary costs, provide for this upcoming expense?

Please attend the upcoming meeting to learn more:

Stormwater Special Meeting

Glendora City Hall Council Chamber

Thursday May 21st, 3-5pm

116 E Foothill Blvd, Glendora, CA 91741

(626) 914-8200

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  • Harold Workman

    Back in December of 2014 the City of Glendora posted an RFP for costs to perform a study and recommendations for changes to the fee schedules of the City too match the fees in the surrounding cities. After the first of the year 2015 the RFP disappeared from the Cities web site. / All Commercial projects WCI has bid after January have Storm Water Retention included in their designs. A number of cities have impact fees for Water and Water per the number of plumbing fixtures in a project (water closets, lavatories, urinals, grease interceptors, floor sinks and floor drains). There are Storm Water Impact fees based the square footage of hard surface roofs and parking lots. The City needs to revisit their fee schedules and modify the fees to satisfy the latest County, State and Federal requirements. A long range plan for needed capital improvements tied to a realistic schedule of fees. / I was surprised when the RFP evaporated considering heavy development within the City with over 600 new residential units coming on line in the coming year. / Has the Council found what happened to the 800 K funding of the cloud seeding in the San Gabriel Mountains by the County of LA in 2008? / What are the City of Glendoras’ costs in increasing the infrastructure to support the added 600+ residential units being built this year?

    Respectfully yours,

    Hal Workman

    • 10:04 pm - May 19, 2015

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