When Will Glendora USD Re-Open In-Person Learning?

In order to re-open Glendora USD schools, a waiver must be received from Los Angeles County. Governor Newsom and LA County Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer have developed an extensive list of requirements that school districts must reach before consideration will be given to allowing in-person education to reopen. With many hurdles (that are often changing), it’s likely that in-person education for most schools in LA County, including GUSD, won’t be a reality until sometime in 2021! This is unacceptable! I urge you to assist GUSD’s advocacy by taking a few minutes to reach out to Dr. Ferrer, Governor Newsom, LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Glendora’s state legislative reps Assembly Member Blanca Rubio and Senator Anthony Portantino. They have the power to make it happen.

Contact information for Dr. Ferrer and legislators is below. You can click their names to be taken to the comment pages:

LA County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer 

Governor Gavin Newsom 

LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger

Assembly Member Blanca Rubio 

Senator Anthony Portantino 

The following covers sample talking points:
Please reopen schools for in-person education. This prolonged closure is causing serious damage to the educational, psychological and social development of our children. Our local school district, Glendora USD, has completed all of LA County’s requirements and submitted a request for waivers for all 5 of its elementary schools. However, the County’s approval process is moving so slowly that it’s reasonable to expect that a waiver won’t be given until sometime in 2021. This is unacceptable! Please consider the well-being of our children and create a faster path to school reopening.

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