Water restrictions in Glendora have been amended

Glendora’s results are in for the first five months of Governor Brown’s Statewide Water Conservation mandates. Glendora residents, businesses, schools and the City have responded and, as you can see from the data shown below, we are successfully meeting our mandated goal of reducing water usage citywide by 36%. We are required to continue at that level through February, 2016, but we are clearly on the right track. Thanks to each of you for your efforts to conserve water.

At our Sept. 8th, City Council meeting, the Council approved amending the current watering restrictions to add flexibility. Previous rules limited watering of ornamental landscape to no more than two-days a week at 10 minutes per station/zone. The new amendment permits more days and time in your watering schedule.

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• Watering is no longer limited to two days a week
• The number of days a week that you water is at your discretion but you may not water more than 30 minutes per station per week *
• You may not water more than six minutes per station per cycle of the station
• A cycle must be complete with water shut off for at least 45 minutes before a new cycle at the same station can begin.

(*Rainbird describes a station as a circuit on the controller which activates a single control valve in the irrigation to control watering for a particular zone or area of the landscape. For example, a bed of flowers may be a zone/station while a turf area may be another. The typical residential landscape using an automatic controller will have multiple stations designated.)

By talking in terms of time allowed rather than days, the modification gives property owners flexibility. Saturation usually occurs after about 5 minutes of watering; after that water tends to run off onto streets and sidewalks. Residents are able to water more days but for shorter cycles.

How are we doing in Glendora? The majority of our residents are working hard to reduce their outside water usage with good results. Below is a comparison of Glendora’s city-wide 2013 and 2015 consumption levels by month since the Executive Order was signed by Governor Brown in April:

• April, 2013— 989 AF (1) ​​April, 2015—729 AF ​26% reduction
• May, 2013—1,291 AF ​​May, 2015—665 AF ​48% reduction
• June, 2013—1,248 AF ​​June, 2015—805 AF ​35.5% reduction
• July, 2013—1,390 AF ​​July, 2015—858 AF ​38% reduction
• Aug., 2013—1,330 AF ​​Aug., 2015—905.5 AF ​32% reduction (2)
• 5 month average reduction​​​ ​35.9%
(1) AF represents Acre Foot of water or 325,851.43 gallons
(2) This represents unofficial production readings between 8/2 – 8/30

Glendora Water Conservation staff has been extremely busy assisting the community with questions, workshops and helping with our rebate programs. The following are city-community transactions from June through August of this year:

• Phone calls received – 3,477
• Counter contacts – 253
• Water Audits – 280
• Enrolled Participants to the Rebate Program – 253
• Enrolled Participants to the Turf Removal Program – 158
• Estimated Encumbered/Expended Rebate/Turf Removal Program Funds – $560,386
• Private Turf Removed or in Process – 130,251 square feet removed / 189,707 square feet in process
• Commercial Turf Removed or in Process – 1,370,097 square feet

I urge you to contact Glendora’s Water Conservation staff if you have questions or would like to have a free home review (takes about 30 minutes).

You can find information about caring for trees, landscaping tips and city-held workshops on the City’s website:

Metropolitan Water District is offering a free California Friendly Landscape Class on Sat., Oct. 3rd from 8:30 to 11:30 at the La Verne Community Center, 3680 “D” Street, La Verne.
RSVP to mbarragan@ci.la-verne.ca.us​ or call (909) 596-8741.

Thanks again to everyone for helping Glendora reach these mandated goals!

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