Glendora City Council Meeting Agenda: Feb. 21st 2015

There are 4 items of Unfinished Business on the agenda for the upcoming council meeting this Tuesday at 7pm:

  • A report on the developer fees charged for major projects and the estimated amounts that will be collected for the five major projects currently under construction in the city:
  • Avalon Bay—280 apartments
  • Glendora Station—53 townhouses
  • Foothill 533—144 townhouses
  • Gables on 66—20 single-family houses and 120 townhouses
  • Monrovia Nursery (La Colima)—121 single-family houses
  • A water conservation update and request for a budget increase for fiscal year 2014-2015 of $158,000 to fund the water conservation and turf removal rebate program.
  • A report on the National Forest Foundation’s (NFF) efforts to establish a San Gabriel Mountains Community Collaborative Group to assist in the development of a proposed land management plan for the newly created San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. This includes a request by Mayor Nelson to be confirmed as the City’s representative to the NFF Community Collaborative Group.
  • An update of the November, 2014 through May, 2015 City of Glendora Strategic Plan and Objectives.

There is no New Business on the Agenda.

If you are unable to attend Tuesday’s council meeting in person, you may watch it at home on channel 3/31, or view it live on the city website at this link:

Upcoming meeting agendas are posted on the City website prior to each council meeting, along with video archives of prior meetings.

Campaign Endorsements

I am often asked who I’m endorsing for the upcoming Glendora City Council election. There are six candidates running for three open seats: Michael Allawos, Gary Boyer, Erica Landmann, Joe Santoro, Mendell Thompson, and myself.

From the start, I made a decision not to make any endorsements during this election. I have also declined opportunities to attend joint fundraising events. If given the honor of serving again, my goal is to have a positive working relationship with all of the council members. Therefore, I prefer not to campaign in opposition to any candidates. I trust Glendora residents’ abilities to research and make their own decisions regarding who they choose to represent our city.

With that said, I feel it necessary to clarify that a recent mailer was sent to homes with my photo, listing me as an endorsement along with nine former mayors. I’m sure it was an over-sight, however I’d like to maintain my message of neutrality.

Each of my fellow candidates have certain strengths to offer Glendora.  I wish them all the best in the upcoming March 3rd election.


City Council Internship Program

One of my personal goals as a City Council member has been to encourage residents to participate in local government. There are many decisions being made by council and staff that effect the day to day lives of the citizens we serve.

I am particularly focused on giving young people an opportunity to be involved. During the summer of 2013, I implemented an internship program for college students who are interested in how local government operates. My interns have the opportunity to witness first hand how policy is made, how these policies directly effect citizens, and how the decisions made by state and federal agencies can impact our local city government.

I am happy to talk with any students who might be interested in interning with me.

The following are reflections by two of my interns: (more…)

Glendora City Council votes to support the National Recreation Area

On April 22nd 2014 the Glendora City Council voted 3-1-1 to support the proposed National Recreation Area legislation by Congresswoman Judy Chu, CA district 27. The lone nay vote was cast by Mayor Judy Nelson.

The video runs 1 hour and 40 minutes.

00:48 Description of legislation by City Manager Chris Jeffers
07:12 Mayor’s comments by Judy Nelson
14:50 Public Comments
54:29 Council Comments By Mayor Pro Tem Karen Davis, Councilmembers Doug Tessitor and Joe Santoro
1:29:55 Mayor’s closing comments
1:34:48 Mayor’s motion to inform the public and not support the legislation yet- Not passed.
1:36:33 Mayor Pro Tem’s motion for the city of Glendora to officially support the legislation- Passed.