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I am often asked who I’m endorsing for the upcoming Glendora City Council election. There are six candidates running for three open seats: Michael Allawos, Gary Boyer, Erica Landmann, Joe Santoro, Mendell Thompson, and myself.

From the start, I made a decision not to make any endorsements during this election. I have also declined opportunities to attend joint fundraising events. If given the honor of serving again, my goal is to have a positive working relationship with all of the council members. Therefore, I prefer not to campaign in opposition to any candidates. I trust Glendora residents’ abilities to research and make their own decisions regarding who they choose to represent our city.

With that said, I feel it necessary to clarify that a recent mailer was sent to homes with my photo, listing me as an endorsement along with nine former mayors. I’m sure it was an over-sight, however I’d like to maintain my message of neutrality.

Each of my fellow candidates have certain strengths to offer Glendora.  I wish them all the best in the upcoming March 3rd election.


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  • Jackie

    so many untruths. Same on Mendell for this one

    • 7:24 pm - February 20, 2015

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  • Sharon

    Shame, shame, shame. This is representative on how the city is run. Give false information instead of the truth. Just say it is Mendell so the other candidates do not fall under this black cloud.

    • 11:52 pm - February 20, 2015

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