Here are my local candidate recommendations along with the previously posted ballot measures, propositions and judges. What follows are the individuals I’m voting for in the November election:


• President and Vice President: I think everyone has heard enough about this race to make up their own minds.

United States Senator:

• Loretta Sanchez. As a result of California’s 2010 “Top Two Open Primary Act,”  we have 2 Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate. Loretta Sanchez appears the stronger of the two regarding protection of personal freedom, support for the military/safety personnel and limiting tax increases.

United States Representative

• Jack Orswell. Jack is a businessman, and former FBI agent, a long-time resident of the SG Valley and a committed community servant.

State Senator

• Michael D. Antonovich. Mike has served on the LA County Board of Supervisors since 1980, representing the 2 million residents that reside in the 5th district which includes Glendora.  I have found Mike to be truly concerned and responsive to the needs of those he represents. He holds annual meetings in our cities and responds positively to requests for assistance with city challenges. He knows Glendora well and has committed county funding to many Glendora projects including our current San Dimas WashTrail. Mike is able to work effectively with colleagues from both sides of the aisle, a talent he will definitely need as a minority member of the Senate. During his many years of service, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to public safety, effective and responsive representation and support for small business, our County’s foster children, seniors, veterans and animal welfare.

Member of the State Assembly

• Cory Ellenson. Cory currently serves as Vice Chair of the Glendora School Board and is a small businessman with a private law practice. He grew up in Glendora and after college returned to Glendora to marry his high school sweetheart and start his adult life. He is an attorney and tax accountant with a strong commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents of our community and of the State of California. I know Cory well, having worked in partnership with him while serving the citizens of Glendora in our elected positions. He’s dedicated, trustworthy, caring, energetic, smart, and strategic – qualities that will make him a great representative of the people when he is elected as our next State Assemblyman.

LA County Supervisor 5th District

• Kathryn Barger.  Kathryn has been Michael Antonovich’s Chief Deputy Supervisor for the past 15 years. She manages his Supervisor’s Office and serves as the official liaison with community and local business groups. Kathryn is an expert on healthcare, mental health and children’s issues and has the ability to immediately address those challenges when elected. She is a Republican who has strong bipartisan support, with endorsements not just from a host of Republican officials but also from former Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Gloria Molina, and current Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, all Democrats. This is especially important because, dependent upon the election outcome of the 4th Supervisorial District, she may be the only Republican on the Board and will have to be able to effectively work across party lines.

Judges and Propositions Galore!

There’s no denying this ballot is overwhelming. 

I urge you to take a deep breath, dig in, and get knowledgeable about your choices.

Most of all, I encourage you to


I’ve recently received numerous requests for voting recommendations. It appears that most people are informed about the candidates and know who they prefer. However, they want information about the 17 California state propositions, 2 county measures and 8 judges who are on our November 2016 ballots.

For those interested in my views, here they are: