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26Jan 0

MS4: Storm Water reg...

New Business Item: Grant a consultant contract to MWH Americas, Inc., for storm water quality pilot project investigation. Summary: At our upcoming council meeting on Tuesday, January 27th

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08Jan 7

Development in Glend...

Many Glendorans are expressing concern about new construction in our city, particularly the large scale Avalon Bay project on the NE corner of Rt. 66 and Glendora Ave. Over the past 7 years, the loss of state red

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  • Mike Conway – Former Glendora Mayor
    Mike Conway – Former Glendora Mayor
    My wife, Marcia and I take great pleasure in recommending Judy Nelson for Re-Election to the Glendora City Council on March 3, 2015. For the past four years, Judy has served the City of Glendora in a forthright manner. She has no hidden agendas, has reached out on a number of occasions to improve communication and feedback between the City Council and its Boards, Commissions, and the public at large. Please join Marcia and me and vote for Judy Nelson on Tuesday, March 3rd.
  • Brenda and Alan Maloney Mazal – Owners, Grand Florist
    Brenda and Alan Maloney Mazal – Owners, Grand Florist
    We Support Mayor Judy Nelson's campaign proudly. With Judy, Honesty is complimented by Personal Integrity and issues and concerns are dealt with respectfully. Judy is Deeply Committed to protect and improve Glendora. Thank you Judy for your willingness to Serve.
  • Pooja Kumar- Mayoral Intern
    Pooja Kumar- Mayoral Intern
    Mayor Nelson does a fantastic job of including you in many of the discussions and debates of current issues affecting the city and the surrounding area overall.